We are Artists


Crazons are a group of artist with different interests and specialities but a common passion - to make amazing artworks! We are artists first and businessmen later. So we take very few projects and try to make for the client something which is unique and never made before! We also undertake in-house projects that allow us to freely experiment with new techniques and methods and explore further the world of digital art



Meet the team

Director, Storyboard artist

Kaustubh Shukla

Lead Illustrator

Nidhi Mk

Director, Traditional art expert

Viraj Jaulkar

Lead Animator and Editor

Surendra Rahandgale

Director, Branding Expert

Virag Jaulkar

Lead Graphic Designer

Monika Taywade


DO it!

want to tell the world

something through art!?

Art is a great way to get the message through into people's heads. They love to see something appealing and love to hear stories. We make beautiful stories out of the information you provide and at the same time, keep them short, to the point and yet comprehensive.


We Make Information into art!

47C, Khamala,

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India


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